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Re-fitting My Clifford Alarm

After a "Professional Alarm Fitter" Fitted It

This is where I re-fitted my Clifford car alarm, it was originally fitted by a so called "Professional alarm installer" who I would like to name and shame but cannot.

The original install cost around 450 and for this amount it should of been a pucker job but as it turns out it was a complete bodge and potential fire hazard as it did not have 1 fuse!

Removed most of the internals including drivers seat and pulled back floor carpet to expose the mass tangle and mess of wires.

checked and marked what wires did what and then cut whole lot out with a big pair of cutters.

Mounted alarm control box / immobilizer behind the carpet on the rear firewall behind drivers side making it impossible for the thief to get to wires and or box without setting off alarm or taking car apart, I KNOW I TRYED IT.

Found a perfect ground source 2 10MM nuts that hold centre console storage box to rear firewall.

Found a permanent live Wire (nice thick cable) and connected the alarm power wires via fuses.

Traced wires that were originally connected to immobilizer / wiring loom (Ignition Switch) under steering wheel back to the wiring loom on passenger side and looped it in there.

Traced wires that made all the hazard light flash back from indicator switch loom back to the main loom behind passenger and re-attached there.

Extended the wires from the central locking box as they would not reach to new location.

Re-routed the aerial, LED, Valet Button and all sensor wires neatly and professionally back to control box.

After allot of soldering, insulation tape and time I plugged in the power fuses.

No Fires, glowing orange wires, blown fuses, smoke or any problems found.
It worked 100% first time, gave it a few tests then re-assembled the car.



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