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Refilling Air Conditioning System

My MR2 used the R134a refrigerant / gas.

This shows a cheep and easy way to re-gas the air conditioning system.

Halfords sell a "kit" that includes a pressure gauge and a canister of
R134a coolant / lubrication oil for £39.99

Refill Procedure.

Firstly remove spare wheel and the plastic shrouding that covers up everything.

Now locate the low pressure valve / cap it should have the letter "L" on it (top smaller cap)

I shall hear on refer to the low pressure valve as the "L" valve.

Now get your canister of R134a gas and connect the pressure gauge pipe to it.

Unscrew the "L" cap and place the other end of the pipe coming from gauge onto the "L" valve.

Now the instructions say start engine and switch on air con to max cooling so do that.

Now go back to canister, shake and press valve to start the refill, as soon as some pressure is evident
the air con may cut in and engine revs will speed up.

The above cutting in / out is due to a low pressure sensor, this prevents the compressor from
spinning when there is little or no gas / charge in the system, this is to avoid compressor damage.

Hold down the gas can valve for 5 second in several intervals then release and check the pressure gauge.

On my gauge green meant needs gas, blue meant ok / full, yellow meant over full / possible problem,
(try letting a bit of gas out) red meant too much presser, major problem, she's is gonna blow captain!

keep filling it till the needle is over half way into the blue / ok part.

Now turn off engine and disconnect the refill pipe from the "L" valve

DO NOT undo the pipe from the end of the gas can before removing it from the "L" valve, this will
simply empty the system and waist your money!

Take car for a 10 minute run with air con on full it should be very cold, then re-test pressure.
Remember to make sure pipe is connected to gas can before reconnecting to the "L" valve.

If the gauge needle is in the blue over half way you have successfully re-gas ed your air conditioning system, now enjoy the cold!

If it has gone down top up and try again, if it still goes down you my have a leak somewhere get the
whole system checked over by a garage / professional.

The last pictire shows the flow view window when your air con is on you should see liquid passing by.



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